What we do?

Environmental Conservation

and Protection

It has become increasing clear that the fate of the River Rwizi is at stake, excessive human activities like Sand mining, Erosion caused by farming on the shores of the River, Creation of water diversions, waste disposal, and planting of unwanted species along the shores are among the activities exposing the river to greater environmental hazards.

This is the basis why the organization launched a campaign named “Save River Rwizi” with the essence to address environmental concerns associated with River Rwizi. These activities include; planting trees to restore the vegetation cover, the cleaning and removing of water hyacinth (water floating weeds), plastic waste and other harmful waste that have comprehensively covered the river surface and contaminating it.

Given the fact that this is the only water source available, it is a responsibility of every citizen to make an effort in sensitizing the communities and engaging in the activities to restore the eco-system and promote efforts for environmental conservation and protection.

The Save River Rwizi campaign incorporates planting of Bamboo trees on the banks and shores of River. As a sustainability move, there have been formations of monitoring groups which coordinate our activities. There are youth, Women groups, formation of Environmental awareness and Conservation Clubs in the areas that the river occupies in Mbarara and neighboring regions,

At a later stage, there will be Established tree nurseries which act as a demonstration site and supplies for tree seedlings to the community, advocacy campaign to create awareness on the massive efforts to restore the vegetation cover of the river and regulate excessive waste disposal.